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We are not just a GYM, but a FAMILY!

Recently we headed to the one and ONLY Universal Soul Circus * #MemorialDay workout! * Participated in Health & Wellness Events...and so much more!

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Sunday June 10th


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 #YOGA w/ Kristen

#YOGA w/ Kristen

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Kristen Brown


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Ashley Duff, RMP

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Jessica White, RMP 

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For Athletes ages 5 years old and up every Wednesday at 7pm and Saturdays 12p and 1p. $100/month for 1 athletes 2 times a week/ $150/ month for 2 athletes 2 times a week.


Agility, Speed, Strength, Conditioning, Performance Enhancement, Sport Psychology Consultations

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 Click the "  Sign Up  " image to view other Sessions offered lik e Boot Camps, Trampoline Fitness Classes   and more!

Click the "Sign Up" image to view other Sessions offered like Boot Camps, Trampoline Fitness Classes and more!

Purpose, Passion, Commitment, Discipline, Hard work, Go fast! 


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Spring 18' 6 Week Challenge


Straight from the clients mouth!!! Thank you so much! You have been such an amazing blessing and role model for so many! I am so glad I met your beautiful wife, and therefore got to know all about Phil-Mor-Fit! Keep up the absolutely amazing work! Those people who hate just have a fixed mindset and it will take them time to come around. I can not say enough how proud I am of you. You inspire me to do better everyday! You have the best trainers. I never thought in a million years I could get back to a healthy lifestyle, and you showed me it was possible with hard work and dedication! You have a member for life!!! Love you!!! I don’t think I took a before picture, but I took a pic today!!!#Americas#1ObesityKiller #DrPhil #mystaffisbetterthanyours #Warriors #WeWork #motivationalspeaker #MastersInRehab #Dr.InSportPsych #PersonalTrainer #PhysicalTherapy #6weekchallenge #GroupTraining





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