Dr. Phillip Morgan, founder and lead clinician of Phil Mor Fit. Phil Moved to Maryland in 2010 but was born and raised at the Jersey Shore in New Jersey.  Bachelors Degree in Sports Medicine from Delaware State University. (2009) , Masters Degree in Sport Rehabilitation, Exercise Science, and Health Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania (2014). Doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology from Arizona University (2020).  Possessing 15 years of experience in the health and wellness field, Phil has trained athletes and other individuals who were interested in a healthier lifestyle. Phil utilizes special techniques such as visualization, self-talk, mental rehearsals, cognitive reconstruction, and relaxation techniques to enhance performance. From a psychological perspective, Phil is trained to provide coping skills, motivational interviewing, recovery, and, team building. 

Phil's Areas of Expertise

Weight Management

Muscle Building




Strength and Conditioning


Meal Preparation and Planning

Health & Wellness Coaching 

Red Light Therapy 

Corporate Wellness

Motivational Speaking


Corrective Exercise

Physical Rehab/Pain Relief

Main Facilities

1718 Belmont Ave

Suites C & D

Baltimore, MD 21244

Monday 5am-6am

Tuesday 5am-7p

Thursday 5am-7pm

Friday 5am-4pm

Virginia Facility

50 South Pickett Street

Suite 204

Alexandria, VA 22304

Monday: 7a-7p

Wednesdays: 7am7pm

Saturday: 7am-2pm

Specializing in Clinical Movement Enhancement, Pain Relief, and Wellness.



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